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Multicolor Ultrasonic Dog Training Deterrent Whistle Dog Whistle To Stop Barking Bark Control Dogs Training Deterrent Whistle

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Color: Red

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This dog training whistle is designed for dog training, the frequency produced is not of effect on the person, but very useful for dogs, he will sit, come here, eat, sit etc.

Great for recalling over long distances

The key ring loop is included

Please be aware of this fact they are not entirely silent.


Material: metal & plastic

Length: 80mm

Weight: 14g

Color: black, white, red, blue

How to use a silent dog whistle:

1) first decide how you want your dog to respond to the whistle. The whistle sound will work a lot like a command, like come or sit once your dog has learned what it means, so before you start, you need to decide what you want that response to be. Dog whistles work well for calling dogs, especially from a distance. Or you can use the whistle as a deterrent, blowing it when you want your dog to stop what he is doing without you having to shout.

2) start training your dog to respond to the whistle as you would any other command. If you want your dog to come when the whistle is blown, start by blowing the whistle when your dog is in another room. When she comes to investigate the sound, reward her with treats and compliments. If you want the whistle to be a deterrent to bad behavior, just use it when your dog is misbehaving, then he associates it with being scolded.

3) be consistent with the silent whistle. Like any training, if you want your dog to associate a whistle with a particular response, it is important to use the whistle only for that command. If you want your dog to come when you blow the whistle, don't blow it when he or she is already at your side. until the dog is familiar with what the whistle means, be sure to reward the behavior you want with lots of treats and praise, to reinforce the action.

The package contains:

1PC * Dog Training Whistle


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